You can earn your required free AHFC HomeChoice™ Certification at home. Visit the AHFC website for more info.
Now accepting application for S'us' Héeni Sháak Community cottages of all sizes for future sales. Apply now!
SCLT's next regular meeting is Monday, November 15th at 6:00-8pm, on a Zoom call. Contact us for information on how to attend.

SCLT & Local

  • Regular Meeting: The Sitka Community Land Trust will hold its monthly meeting Monday, November 15th at 6:00-8pm, on a Zoom call. The public is encouraged to attend. For more information about joining the virtual meeting, contact Mim McConnell at 907-738-2888. 
  • Building Materials The SCLT building plans have been impacted by the high prices of building materials, a nationwide issue. But the costs have come enough now to start building more houses. Two homes will be under contract in October.
  • House Prices*: We now have 7 House Designs. These are some estimated prices. Some have not been updated since last spring.
    1. Mighty Mouse House/1 bed/1 bath/480 sqft: $159,000.
    2. 2-bedroom/1.5 bath/936 sqft-Hemlock: $238,000.
    3. 3-bedroom/1.5 bath/1,344 sqft-Spruce: $260,200.
    4. 3-bedroom/2 bath/1,100 sqft-Cedar: $275,000
      * NOTE: Home prices are estimates.
    Property Designs. Construction will begin for a home after a SCLT qualified buyer has a pre-qualification letter from their lender. Once we have that, we take it to our lender for a construction loan and schedule construction. Federal loans such as USDA Rural development and VA will necessitate having a back-up buyer before construction begins. House Plans

3-D tour of the 2-bedroom house design

Own a home in Sitka using this homebuying step-by-step process:

  1. Are you Eligible? Review the eligibility criteria.
  2. Watch a Video to learn more about Community Land Trusts.
  3. Download a SCLT Application and talk with SCLT staff. Do you have mobility issues? We can design your home to meet you needs.
  4. Meet with Lender The lender will help determine:
    1. determine whether you qualify for a mortgage;
    2. provide information on financial assistance available;
    3. and provide you with a pre-qualification letter.
  5. Homebuyer Education Before you Buy: Meet with SCLT Staff. After completing the SCLT application, an interview with staff is held. AHFC HomeChoice™ Certification is achieved through taking the free 6-hour Homebuyer Education Class via webinar or home study. Visit their website.
  6. Close the Deal Sign the SCLT Ground Lease and the deed to the home is transferred to you. Congratulations, you are a homeowner!
  7. After you Buy: Work with Staff. After you are settled in your home, SCLT staff will be available to help your home purchase succeed over the coming years, until you are ready to sell. When that time comes, we will help you then, too. We'll make sure you have access to classes that will help you succeed.

Quick Downloads

S'us' Héeni Sháak Community
7 House Designs
SCLT 1 BDRM Mighty Mouse House
SCLT 2 BDRM with stairs to loft-Cottonwood
SCLT 2 Bedroom House-Hemlock
SCLT 3 Bedroom House-Spruce
GIS Map of Neighborhood

SCLT Documents
SCLT Qualifications and Housing Application
SCLT Homebuyer Brochure

SCLT Updates

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Halibut Point Cottages is now called the S'us' Héeni Sháak Community.

S'us' Héeni Sháak Community from Owen Richard Kindig on Vimeo.