You can earn your required free AHFC HomeChoice™ Certification at home. Visit the AHFC website for more info.
Now accepting application for Halibut Point Cottages of all sizes for future sales. Apply now!
SCLT next meeting will be a regular meeting on Monday, Oct 15th at 6:15 - 7:45pm at Sitka Memorial Library.

SCLT & Local

  • Regular Meeting: SCLT's next meeting will be on Monday, Oct 15th at 6:15 - 7:45pm at Sitka Memorial Library. Members of the public are encouraged to attend our meetings. 
  • Halibut Pt. Cottages update: 1- and 2-Bedroom homes now available for pre-approved buyer! More information is available on our Properties page. We are looking for homebuyers at the low income level or 80% of Area Median Income, per HUD standards.
  • AHFC HomeChoice™ Certification Class: Alaska Housing Finance Corporation offers this free class to help prospective homebuyers through the decisions and steps of the home buying process. This is required for SCLT homebuyers. You can also do a free home study course. Visit their website to register for this class or learn about home study.

Quick Downloads

Halibut Point Cottages
SCLT 1 Bedroom House Design
SCLT 2 Bedroom House Design
GIS Map of Neighborhood

SCLT Documents
SCLT Qualifications and Housing Application
SCLT Homebuyer Brochure

Own a home in Sitka using this homebuying step-by-step process:

  1. Are you Eligible? Review the eligibility criteria.
  2. Review the Steps to Apply Review the following steps listed below.
  3. Watch a Video to learn more about Community Land Trusts.
  4. Pickup/Download a SCLT Application The application was revised 11/7/17. Hard copies can be picked up at 606A Sawmill Creek Road.
  5. Meet with Lender The lender will help you determine whether you meet the SCLT income requirements; determine whether you qualify for a mortgage; provide information on financial assistance available; provide basic information on the Sitka Community Land Trust program; and provide you with a pre-qualification letter.
  6. Homebuyer Education Before you Buy: Meet with SCLT Staff. After completing the SCLT application, an interview with staff is held. AHFC HomeChoice™ Certification is achieved. (This is a free 8 hour Home Buyer Education Class. It can also be a home study course if classes are not available. After you Buy: Work with Staff. We'll help you succeed with access to classes!
  7. Close the Deal The selection process will conclude with a lottery. Sign the SCLT Ground Lease and the deed to the home is transferred to you. Congratulations, you are a homeowner!

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